Board of Directors

The Swing ‘n’ Country Dance Club Officers and Board of Directors meet once per month to plan our lessons and dances. There are between three and four officers and between three and seven directors. The current size of the board of directors has been set to 11. The officers and directors may appoint committees to perform specific functions required to run club events. Each committee includes an individual from the board of directors but may include any number of other persons and may be chaired by any club member.

Currently the board has nine occupied positions, and two vacant ones.

List of Board Members and Officers

Intend to Run for Officer or Board Member?

If you are interested in running for office, please download and submit this intention to run for office form and email it to

Swing ‘n Country Dance Club Officers and Directors

Expectations and Code of Conduct

As an elected or appointed Officer and/or Director of Swing ‘n’ Country Dance Club, I understand the following and agree to abide by the terms set

  • All work done for the club, is property of the Club
  • All information provided by members and guests to the Club shall be property of the Club and may be used by Officers, Directors, Committee Chairmen, Committee Members, and Members of the Club solely for Club business.


I also understand that my duties include:

  • Supporting the Swing ‘n’ Country mission statement:

Swing ‘n’ Country is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote couple-style Country Western and Swing dancing in a positive atmosphere and to provide opportunities for growth through instructional  programs and community involvement.

  • Attendance at all Board Meetings (generally one per month). Please notify the Club Secretary in advance of an expected delay or absence. An occasional
    absence is acceptable.
  • Being an active participant in discussions and voting on matters that come before the Board both at Board meetings and email discussions.
  • Assuming total responsibility for one month of Club  activities including:
    • the collection of money and record keeping for the dance or dances and lessons for an entire month;
    • setting up and taking down of equipment and cleaning up at Club functions.
  • While you will have total  responsibility, you may delegate any or all of the task to volunteers or other board members. A board member  must be present for all money collection activities.
  • Chairing a committee or group of committees and/or serving  on committees Chaired by other than Board Members as designated in the Club’s Officers and Directors Organizational Chart.