SNC History

In 1993  the founding members, a group of friends including Julie Hein, Howard and Ingrid Dubman, Warren Benes, and Cal and Kathy Walker, most of whom were teaching dance at the time, sat around a table to discuss country couples dancing.

As country dancing was taking off, line dancing competed for space, and west coast swing was being introduced in Chicago by JJ Jackson, the concept for Swing ‘n’ Country came about as a way to teach couples country dancing and west coast swing.

Our mission is to promote couple-style Country Western and Swing dancing in a positive atmosphere and to provide opportunities for growth through instruction programs and community involvement.

SNC has provided dances and lessons for over 25 years on dance floors across the Chicago area and finds its current home at the Center for North Park.


We hold biweekly dances (excluding July, August, and December) and weekly lessons on Wednesday nights (excluding July, August, and December).  We focus on the core country dances, swing, and hustle.

Two Step
East Coast Swing
Cha Cha
Double Two
Night Club
Triple Two
West Coast Swing