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Board of Directors

The SNC board holds monthly board meetings, special meetings, and other committee meetings to conduct and manage club business and operations.  There are between three and four officers and between three and seven directors. The current size of the board of directors has been set to 11. The officers and directors may appoint committees to perform specific functions required to run club events. Each committee includes an individual from the board of directors but may include any number of other persons and may be chaired by any club member.

Regular monthly board meetings are open to club members in good standing.  Decision making and voting privileges are reserved for board members only.  Non-members may not attend.  Locations and times vary and may be held virtually.  

If you are a member in good standing and would like to attend a board meeting, please email us at for more information. If you have issues, concerns you want addressed at a board meeting, you must notify the board with specific information, so that it may be added to the agenda for discussion.

Board meeting minutes can be requested from the archivist.

List of Board Members and Officers


Committees are formed to help manage and run operations and functions of the club. The committees report to the board for approval as necessary. Committees are made of board members and active club members. Special consultants may be used.

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SNC Bylaws

Last updated: February 5, 2010

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Board Member Job Descriptions, Expectations, and Code of Conduct

You can open the following pdf files to see the board member job descriptions, expectations, and code of conduct. If interested in running for office or the board you can download the appropriate form below.

Board Member Job Descriptions

Board Member Expectations and Code of Conduct

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