SNC Policies

Event Cancellation Policy

SNC events may be canceled due to weather, safety, event location, or health threats. When possible make-up lessons and dances may be scheduled, but not guaranteed.

In the event of a cancellation SNC will attempt to notify its customers:
• Lessons: phone\email\social media
• Dances: SNC email distribution list, social media

SNC DJ Policies

Interested in becoming a Swing ‘n’ Country Dance Club DJ? Please read the following document.

How to become an SNC DJ

Privacy Policy

Your personal information will not be shared.  Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Lost and Found Policy

All items left behind will be turned into the Centre at North Park offices. Please contact the Centre directly if you left something behind.

Feedback policy

We welcome all feedback and questions and constructive criticism. If complaints regard an individual, your personal information will not be disclosed. A board member can represent you and your concern without disclosing your personal information.

Please include your name, mail or email address, and phone number if you wish to be contacted via phone. Please be specific. A club representative will reach out to you to discuss it with you further via phone or email. Anonymous feedback is welcome, but may not be able to be acted upon

Please send your feedback, questions or concerns via:

• Email: or one of the board members (list of board members)
• Mail: Swing ‘n’ Country Dance Club, 59508, Schaumburg, IL 60159
• In-person: come chat with a board member, we’d love to hear from you.